Episode 162: Lyn McGinnis – Amarel Mountain

A chat with author Lyn McGinnis about Anu Awakes, an epic fantasy series, and the most recent release in that series, Book 2, Amarel Mountain.





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About the Book

Descendants of the Tolku of the Primary Epoch, the Koru, Yakku and Yelda, now populate the planet Anu in the Secondary Epoch. The Killing Swath destroyed much of their former world and has left many unanswered questions.

We follow groups of Koru, Yakku and Yeldic characters inhabiting different regions within different societies as they unknowingly move toward the realization of many profound truths about themselves and their world.

The Living System of Tatchlan, the crowning achievement of the Primary Epoch, is revived. It is adored by some and feared by others.

The ultimate manifestation of Tatchlan on Anu is the Majastas. The transition between the death of one Majastas and a successor being enveloped by the Mantle forms a monumental backdrop for a series of dramas, leading all characters to make their way toward each other.

One of these events is the discovery of Amarel Mountain.

About Lyn McGinnis

Lyn writes:

“I live in Canada, and my first sixty-six years have included extensive exploration, education, reading, and travelling worldwide. The early stirrings of this world came partly from reading such fantasy and sci-fi classics as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Herbert’s Dune, and Asimov’s Foundation. All this informs my personal Utopia Epic Fantasy series. Other aspects include being a member of the LGBTQ community and bringing subtle elements of my life into my work.”

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