Episode 95: Noah Lemelson

A long conversation with Noah Lemelson, author of the dieselpunk fantasy novel The Sightless City (Tiny Fox Press) and assorted short stories of the weird and fantastic.




Noah Lemelson’s Amazon Page

The Introduction

​A short-story writer and novelist based in Los Angeles, Noah Lemelson writes science fiction, fantasy, surreal horror, “insert-adjective-here”-punk and “all sorts of weird nonsense.” After receiving his B.A. in Biology from the University of Chicago in 2014, he made a hard pivot into the world of fiction, and in 2019 completed his MFA in Creative Writing at CalArts.

Noah’s debut dieselpunk fantasy novel, The Sightless City was released in July 2021, from Tiny Fox Press. He has also published short fiction in online magazines such as Space Squid, Literally Stories, Silver Blade, and Allegory.

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