Episode 145: Omari Richards

An hour-long chat with Omari Richards, “lifetime blerd” and author of the new The Kimoni Legacy fantasy series, as well as the Tales of Nahawalla short stories.




Omari Richards’s Amazon Page

Omari Richards was born to Dominican immigrants in America and grew up in a household filled with laughter, music, fellowship, and tales of the homeland. From shape-shifting witches to monsters hatched from chicken eggs, these stories enriched and invigorated his imagination. This was strengthened once he found the written word in the adventures of Jim Hawkins, King Arthur, Ivanhoe, and Robin Hood, to name a few.

Omari hopes to capture and enrich the imagination of his readers in a similar way with his new series, The Kimoni Legacy and Tales of Nahwalla short stories.

You can find Omari, a lifetime “blerd” and West African history/ folklore buff, lost in a book, immersed in the nearest bookstore, or catching up on One Piece and My Hero Academia in his Northern Virginia home.

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  1. Loving the premise of this story. Have you read The Rage Of Dragons? Love that I can dive into another afrocentric fantasy world.

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